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Select Digital Outreach:
A Professional Approach
to Maintaining Social Distancing.

Make a meaningful difference in your customer’s lives, even from afar.


Digital Outreach

This is our preferred method of upholding a professional connection.

Utilizing email to send strategic messages to your customers remains
one of the most underestimated avenues in digital marketing.
It’s unobtrusive, frequently finely tuned, and unquestionably the
highest-converting channel – when executed correctly.

Our approach to email marketing

Our email-sending team follows a well-defined protocol. Here’s their process:

  1. They curate an email list comprising both potential and current customers.
  2. A phased approach is employed to send emails to various buyer segments,
    including those who have made purchases, those who have shown interest,
    and those who tend to overthink before buying.
  3. These buyer categories are aligned with different stages of the customer journey.
  4. Strategic deployment of creatively crafted email messages takes place.
  5. Timing and days for sending emails are chosen based on insights.
  6. The team meticulously records and analyzes customer interactions with the emails,
    using the insights to inform other marketing strategies.

Is digital outreach truly effective?

Hence, you might be receiving over 20 promotional emails daily that you’re not engaging with. Consider unsubscribing. While you might be their target audience, their content might not be captivating enough.

The key lies in the approach you take when sending emails to your customers.

We’re committed to crafting not just a few, but a multitude of compelling email openers.

“Sure, we’ll share a couple of methods:

  • Coupons might be traditional, but that’s precisely why they remain effective.
  • Offering tips and how-to guides will pique their curiosity.
  • Everyone appreciates a complimentary consultation.
  • … and the possibilities are abundant.

We will closely monitor the following trio of email marketing metrics:

  • The deliver ability rate signifies the count of emails successfully reaching your audience’s inboxes.
  • The open rate indicates the proportion of recipients that accessed your email.
  • The click-through rate, offering a percentage of subscribers who clicked on a link within your email.

Our email marketing practices are top-notch and have earned praise from our clients for the exceptional results we’ve achieved.

We’re enthusiastic about the opportunity to bring the same level of excellence to your business, brand, or cause.

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